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Begin with love to dance tango, the cultural dance from argentina and now belongs to the world. this website provides the best information about tango dance lesson and the tango life in Kuala lumpur.Explaining the vision and mission and the purpose of the casa de tango was made. Officiall tango school was open to public on 2012 under the name Studio 646 the house of tango. the kuala lumpur casa de tango. Carry out the mission of socializing the culture of Argentine tango dancing and social dancing in Kuala Lumpur.



Michelle is an up-and-coming Milonguero in Malaysia. Her sensual and elegant movements have captivated   the hearts of many. Her fascination with ‘Ganchos’, ‘Barridas’, ‘Sacadas’ or perhaps the Greek song  named Nefeli’s Tango roused her love for the dance. For the past 10 years she has devoted herself to Tango by researching the music, culture, history and honing her technique from reputable and renowned Maestros, particularly Javier Rodriguez y Andrea Misse.  Along the way, Michelle traveled to various festivals and took workshops and private classes with Maestros Nito y Elba Garcia, Fabian Peralta y Lorena Ermocida, Hiroshi y Kyoko Yamao, Jorge Dispari y Maria del Carmen and also a comprehensive musicality classes from Maestro Joaquin Amenabar. Salon Milonguero is a style she embraces. Michelle is currently teaching, DJs at Tango Caravan and started her own range of Tango wardrobe.  In year 2017, Michelle started organizing workshops and milonga for world-class Maestros Javier Rodriguez and Moira Castellano in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. “Tango is a metaphor of life.” says, Mich.






Born and bred in Indonesia, Cristopher Wibowo put on his first pair of dance shoes in 2000. Having trained  in Ballroom, Latin Ballroom , Latin, Salsa and Swing Dance and won numerous dance competitions. Cris  decided to dedicate his life time journey to Argentine Tango. In 2007, he began to travel around the world to  further pursue. Argentine Tango and fell in love with Tango Salon Milonguero after learning from Maestro Javier Rodriguez and Andrea Misse  and has not looked back since. Cris’ extensive list of mentors includes: Milonguero dancers Raul (Argentina) and Lilia (Japan); Nito y Elba; Jorge Dispari y Maria Carmen. Salon dancers Hiroshi y Kyoko Yamao (Japan); Francisco Forquera y Carolina Bonaventura; Gabriel Misse y Analia Centurion, Natalia Hills; Fabian Peralta y Lorena Emocida; Fernanda Ghi y Guillermo Merlo; Miguel Angel Zotto; Leandra Oliver y Laila Rezk; Sebastian Misse y Andrea Reyero. Tango Salon and Nuevo dancers Adrian Veredice y Alejandra Hobert; Anibal Montenegro; Gladys Fernandes; Roberto Herrera y Tamara Bisceglia; Antonino Campostrini y Alejandra Vina; Estanialao Herrera y Veronica Vidan; Ceicillia Gonzalez; Enrique y Guillermo De Fazio (Los Hermanos Macana). Cris currently is traveling with his partner Michelle Ng from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia to various Tango festivals to continue to master the art of Tango under the guidance of Javier Rodriguez. “Tango calms me.” says, Cris.




Monash tango performance

Tango performance Song : Remolino by Cris and Michelle aprill 2018

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Musica Maestro Ricardo tanturi dancers Cris and Michelle

Tango music education

a Million tango music, with different genre, song writer and music composer, artist. A knowledge to interpret music into the dance

Tango Culture introduction

an etiquette in tango culture in dance social and in milonga


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