Golden Tango

Have you ever heard of “the spirit is willing, the flesh is weak?” In tango, you will find it out yourself that all you need to do is “taking the first step”.

Cristopher y Michelle with their hearts and ears for the dance from year 1940’s will show you the secret to walk in balance; walk with good posture; walk remembering to breath calmly and walk; in this instant together with your partner that turns out to be Tango.

Tango is a walking dance. Now, let’s put on your dancing shoes and apply your experience skill of walking from the last 60 over years in used. Tango with your partner to make it a pleasurable dance together with music and rhythm. An American actor and filmmaker whose career spans more than six decades across American and Argentina, also a great tango dancer once said, “The Beginning and the End of Tango is the Walk.

Visit the below videos to know more about the benefits of Tango:-

Benefits of Tango:

Dance the Neural Tango:

Jorge Dispari y Maria Carmen: 

Nito Garica y Alba Natalia: